Manufacturer of rubber and silicone articles, Pro-Seals Polska

Pro-Seals Polska supplies manufacturing companies with silicone and rubber products. Thanks to an individual approach to customer needs, we can offer a wide range of products – in accordance with the needs and requirements.We are professionals, as evidenced by our clients and the orders we have effectuated for them.  Operating on the gaskets and seals market, we try to improve the services provided, by doing it reliably and on time. We can guarantee high quality of goods.

Due to many years of experience in material engineering, we provide our clients with full substantive and cost estimate support at every stage of order fulfillment.

Manufacturer’s offer of Pro-Seals Polska

Silicone profiles

Profiles made of solid and sponge silicones.

Inflatable Seal / Pneumatic gaskets

Standard working pressure of pneumatic seals is from 1.5 to 2.0 bar.

Rubber profiles

Profiles made of solid EPDM, NBR and sponge rubber.

Rubber pallete grippers

Rubbers for Steinweg grippers, sized 41×71. Rubbers are made of a mixture resistant to weather conditions.

Molded products made of rubber and silicone mixes

Molded products made of rubber and silicone.

Rubber and silicone sheets

Rubber sheets intended for the production of washers and seals working statically in unstretched state. Solid and sponge silicone sheets.


Polyurethane is a plastic that can be hard or flexible. It is characterized by high abrasion resistance.


Cutting gaskets to size, precise cutting into sections, processing of plastics.